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Before we leave the subject of getting outside of yourself and putting others first, I feel that I should caution you about a potential pitfall you may face as you make this shift—the desire to change other people. When I first started out in my career, I thought that helping people meant trying to change them. So I made that my goal. I wanted to teach messages that would take people to a higher place in their lives. I gave lots of advice. I was young and idealistic. I didn’t yet understand that people don’t change because you want them to. They change because they want to, and it happens only when they’re ready to. If you're looking for SEO Freelancer , you've come to the right place.

What I missed was that the first person we need to change is ourselves. Self-leadership always comes first. It is the prerequisite for leading others. If we want to change the world, then we must change. People can’t be agents of change unless they’ve gone through positive change themselves. I learned that I had to travel within before I traveled without. In other words, I had to make some changes in myself before I could expect to effect change in others. I could not give what I did not have. If I wanted to see others transformed, I had to be transformed. I had to do the hard work myself. Its like looking for a place to find the best SEO Consultant .

This ultimately contributed to my shift from teacher to leader. I realized that if I changed, then put others’ needs above my own and cared more about their wants than my own, I could make an impact. I could speak as a friend, as one who had been in the trenches, who had been where they are. It is also one of the reasons that when I speak today I use so many personal illustrations. I know it’s the most effective way to connect with people. All of my conviction and confidence comes from talking about things that happened to me. When I speak about my experiences, people relate mine to how their own experiences have affected them. The power of personal transformation to help others can be seen in Global Teen Challenge, an organization that helps kids get off drugs. I serve on an advisory board to them, and when I hear the stories of transformation, it amazes and inspires me. Does searching for SEO specialist make your eyes light up when you see the results?

Their organization’s success rate is nearly 70 percent, while that of others trying to do the same things is closer to 18 percent. Curious about the staggering difference, I asked the president of Global Teen Challenge about it at one of our meetings. He responded, “Almost all the people that do the teaching for Global Teen Challenge are former drug addicts. We don’t bring in people who have studied the drug issue. We don’t bring in educators to talk to people. There’s tremendous change that happens in someone’s life when the person who’s trying to help them out of the ditch has to get out of the ditch him- or herself.” Why do prices for SEO Expert differ so much?

There is an amazing amount of motivation, hope, and credibility when someone has been there, done that, and gone on to become successful. If the person telling you to get off drugs hasn’t been through the experience, there’s no common ground—or credibility. If they have done drugs, yet kicked the habit, they stand on higher ground saying, “Come up to where I am standing.” We lead better when it’s from experience. But the key change is not just in our experiences or our decisions. What really needs to change are our hearts. What must transform are our attitudes. What must be purified are our motives. We can’t allow our lives to be all about us. That’s not the way to do something that makes a difference. It’s not the way to lead others. If we want to choose significance, to be effective leaders, we must put other people first. I asked where I could find Freelance SEO but no-one could tell me.